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Исследования костно-мышечной системы


Discover the new complete application dedicated to MSK imaging and Sports Medicine applications!


Aixplorer delivers unparalleled image quality of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and soft tissue throughout the body. Innovative technologies such as SuperCompound™ provide optimized results with incredible definition.


ShearWave™TM Elastography gives information not only on muscle and tendon stiffness, up to 800 kPa, but also facilitates real-time imaging of the changes in stiffness due to the dynamics of musculoskeletal exams. A wide shear wave ROI gives a large view of the tissues and helps to localize abnormal zones. ShearWave Elastography innovation offers millimeter resolution for characterization of tissue and injuries, as well as offering qualitative and quantitative monitoring of tissue stiffness after patient therapy or surgery.



Лекция Dr. Kenneth Lee на RSNA 2013 "Advances in MSK Imaging with ShearWaveTM Elastography": ССЫЛКА

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