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Aixplorer в интернете


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The Future of Ultrasound : UltraFast™ Imaging

2013 SuperSonic Imagine Aixplorer Award Winner Dr. Mathias Fink
Institut Langevin (ESPCI ParisTech)
Presentation during RSNA 2013
Chicago, IL USA


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Парижский институт радиологии модернизирует ультразвуковые системы

Парижский институт радиологии (IRP; Франция) установил девять ультразвуковых систем Aixplorer, которые способны получать изображения в 200 раз быстрее, чем обычные системы.


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Boca Raton Regional Hospital Has The Aixplorer®

Dr. Kathy J. Shilling, MD
Medical Director,
Christine E. Lynn Women's Health & Wellness Institute
Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Boca Raton, Florida


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TV France 5



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Язык: французский

TV France 2

Reportage diffusé sur France 2 le 24 octobre 2011.
Dépistage sur le cancer du sein.


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Top Channel TV

SuperSonic Imagine in the media on TV station Top Channel at the 'Institute Of The Greek Bishop" in Albania where an Aixplorer is in use.

Here is an interview of Dr Zoumpoulis who introduces the benefits of ShearWave Elastography : "Elastography is a new imaging medical technique (...) It calculates the elasticity and hardness of tissues" (...) It means that we can better differenciate benign and malign tissue (...) With ShearWave Elastography, biopsies can be avoided (...)"

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